Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL

Katrina Spears, Manager Business - Surgery, Endoscopy & Ambulatory Services
Lina Munoz, Manager - Perianesthesia Care Services

  • The surgeon's offices readily embraced eORders. Even though the eORders adoption was voluntary, within 4 months 96% were using eORders
  • 24 hour Surgery Cancellations are down to about 0.4% from about 5% to 7% before
  • Big increase in operational efficiencies in Registration, Scheduling and other back office departments such as those dealing with Pre-Certifications.

Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL

Ryan Zimmerman, Director - Surgical Services, Business Operations

  • We can schedule 3 surgeries using eORders in the same time as we used to schedule 1 before using our faxing and phone process
  • Our physician satisfaction with surgical scheduling saw a 20 percentile bump

Hinsdale Orthopaedics, IL

Scheduling Coordinator

  • eORders is much faster and better than our previous process using faxing. We prefer to schedule patients at hospitals using eORders rather than other hospitals we work at

DuPage Medical Group, IL

Scheduling Coordinator

  • eORders reduces errors and eliminates faxing back and forth because it guides us to get it right the first time