Surgical Centers

Surgical Centers across the country are looking for ways to attract surgeons and increase their case volumes. One of the primary opportunities for attracting and retaining surgeons is to make your facility easy to work with.

HealthNautica's eORders™ is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud solution for managing the entire perioperative process without changing your scheduling system. It begins by the physician's office filling out an online surgery or procedure (e.g. GI, Cardiac) request.

Gone are the days of illegible, incomplete, inaccurate faxes sent back and forth between the physician's office and the surgical center's scheduling department. The cumbersome and error prone faxing process is replaced by an electronic form that is configured to each surgical center's exact specifications and reacts to the user's input thereby assisting the physician's office in getting it right the first time.

All orders are legible, complete, screened for CMS Medical Necessity, incorporate SCIP, VTE, SSI and ACS NSQIP measures, verified for insurance eligibility, precertified and satisfy edits by CMS, commercial payers and the surgical center.

Once complete, the request is electronically submitted to the surgical center's scheduling department for approval and scheduling. All edits to the request are tracked and highlighted for easy identification and quick resolution, including a complete audit trail of all the changes made.

As a result, eORders™ makes it easy and quick for physicians to schedule cases at your surgical center increasing their loyalty and reducing splitting.

eORders™ has numerous additional features and capabilities that make surgical centers using eORders™ the facility of choice for thousands of physicians; borne out by a voluntary adoption rate of well over 90%.

eORders™ was featured in the February 2013 issue of the OR Manager titled An electronic path for streamlining scheduling; August 2013 issue of the Hospital Peer Review titled The Scheduling/Safety Intersect; presented by Advocate Health Care at the September 2013 OR Manager Conference in Baltimore, MD titled Electronic Surgical Scheduling Improves Patient Safety and Productivity and presented by Advocate Health Care at the February 2017 OR Manager Business Conference in New Orleans, LA titled Open for Business: A Modern Approach To Growing Surgical Volume.

Contact us today and see how HealthNautica's eORders™ solution can help your surgical center grow surgical volumes, drastically decrease 24-hour cancellation rate, eliminate denials, improve patient safety and increase physician satisfaction.